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About Me – The Considerate Atheist
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About Me

Why Considerate?

I call my self “considerate” because I want to promote a more respectable religious dialogue.  In my heart of hearts I simply have a desire for us to be kinder to one another in our conversations about god.  Atheists and Christians alike make a mockery of their belief system by arrogantly demonizing anyone who does not share their “enlightened” viewpoint.  Questions about religion and the existence of god certainly need to be discussed in our society, but do we really need to do it with such anger and judgment?  I think not.  Fundamentalism, prejudice, and bigotry can only to met with kindness, respect, and an open mind.  If we embrace these values we will find ourselves embracing each other in the process.

Why Atheist?

My goal as a writer is to confront fundamentalism and bigotry in whatever form it may take.  At times this means I will come to the defense of Christians, Muslims, or other religions if I feel the situation calls for it.  I will also not hesitate to be critical of atheists if I feel they are not “playing fairly”.  My goal is to promote healthy dialogue and understanding between all people.  I am, however, coming from an atheist perspective.  I don’t believe in magic.  I do believe in science and reason.  Mostly I believe that there is a deep goodness within all people, and that our greatest values are universal in nature.  My goal is not to attack all religion all the time, but to simply be critical of certain dogmas that appear to be hurting people.

Who am I?

Currently I am a closeted atheist because much of my income is derived from the church.  I am doing my best to change this  situation, but my profession for many years was in church ministry, and it is hard to change careers overnight.  There are times when I am deeply frustrated by my involvement with religion, and other times when I am happy to build relationships with believers.  At this point I am happy to follow the humanist and atheist movements from the sidelines, grateful that they helped me out of fundamentalist Christianity.

One Comment

  1. Linda LaScola says:

    Hello – I am working on a study with Philosopher Daniel Dennett about clergy who have lost their faith.

    I am interested in hearing more about your viewpoint.


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