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  1. RichT says:


    AHHHHhhhh, where do I begin? “Historically” I am a Christian from my upbringing, however, I am not so from my searching and research. I am not an Agnostic, nor am I an Atheist.

    I have never been in a “box”, nor am I today, nor will I ever be.

    Of the websites I have come in “contact” with The Considerate Atheist” seems more “open” than any website/organization that I have come in contact with.

    A question if I may – Would you accept someone like myself to communicate openly with others? To “listen” and “hear” what others have to say, and to be “free” to express openly (with respect to others) everyone’s thoughts?

    Your web site comes closest to what I am searching for. I hope you would permit me to start a “forum” with the above in mind.

    Your thoughts and guidance is most appreciated.



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